Audible's easy book returns a big plus

I've got to say I REALLY like Audible. I've been a member since they began, long before Amazon bought them. I was surprised to discover I own over 400 audiobooks. One of the great benefits which I've only taken advantage of recently is that if you start listening to a book and you just hate it, you can return it for a refund.

I've only done that twice, and it's been in the last couple of weeks. First, I returned an Iain Banks novel (The Algebraist) because it began with an overly long gratuitous scene of torture. Maybe in a print book I would have simply skipped over it. In an audio it was just too obnoxious. The second book, which I just returned today after listening to a little over a chapter, was Jordan B. Peterson's 12 Rules for Life. In addition to being just a bit too religious in my opinion for a book by a psychoanalyst, it was written like a series of blog posts (although I did enjoy the part about the lobsters). When I got to the second long laundry list of analogies (this one for chaos, order, and consciousness) I just couldn't listen any further. Yes, Jordan, I got it. Move on and make a point!

So anyway, they took the books back with no fuss. I bought others to take their place. Everybody's happy.