New Blog for 2018

As you may have noticed on the homepage, I'm resuming blogging and keeping up a website. I've had a blog since the beginnings of blogs around 2000 or so. And I've had a website since not long after that. But then I got busy with other things like finishing my PhD, writing books, running a hobby farm, raising kids. It didn't seem so important to spend time putting my thoughts out on the web, especially when there was social media to allow me to do that with so much less muss and fuss.

Social media turned out to be a nightmare, however, so I dumped it. I pretty much agree with Jaron Lanier, who has been warning for years about the filter bubbles and disruption of value and personal dignity caused by out of control tech empires (see his books You Are Not a Gadget and Who Owns the Future for more on that). He has recently come out with a new book called Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now which I've just listened to on Audible. I had already deleted my facebook and Twitter accounts, so he was pretty much preaching to the choir in my case. However, he makes a cogent case — I may write a review of it soon.

One last note: I'm moving forward from this point without much looking back. I'm not going to scrape through old material and try to post archives of things I've said or blogged about before. If you need to find something old of mine, try the Wayback Machine. Once in a while, I may revisit something I've worked on before. But for the most part I'm going to focus this blog and website on stuff I'm working on now. So, enjoy!