Welcome to danallosso.net

After a couple of years during which I concentrated on other things and dabbled with online products like social media, I’ve decided to control my own content once again and return to the web. This is a cold reboot however: I’m not going to reproduce all the content I’ve posted in the past just to preserve some type of archive of my entire online existence. If you’re looking for something I wrote in the past, try the Wayback Machine. The content you’ll find here is relevant to what I’m doing now, beginning in the summer of 2018.

So what am I doing now? Well, I’ve just submitted a manuscript of a book project called
Peppermint Kings to the Yale University Press, for their Agrarian Studies Series. I’m preparing to teach Modern World History, History of World Religions, and Colonialism and Modernization in the Non-Western World at Bemidji State University this fall and Environmental History along with a couple others in the spring. So content and blog posts may reflect those activities. I’m also running a small hobby farm, where we have some goats, dogs, and cats as pets, and garden and raise chickens and occasionally turkeys for food. And we have a couple of home improvement projects underway and our kids do cool stuff. So I may talk about that a bit. I’m going to try to avoid politics as much as possible. I may have some thoughts on issues, but I don’t want to argue about people if I can help it.

In the past, when I was a graduate student, I reviewed quite a lot of books and those reviews seemed to attract a fair number of readers. I may try to do that again, as time permits. If I do, the reviews will appear first in the blog and then be archived on a page for easy reference. We’ll see how it goes…